Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Drive

Grade: A++

This movie is one of my favorites. Partially due to the fact that the main female role(Felicia) looks just like a close friend of mine but that aside this is a very funny movie. It is about a 18 year old virgin(Ian) who meets a girl on the internet who is very hot and she wants him to drive his GTO(he lied its his brothers) to knoxville,TN to have sex with her. He disides to go of course. His friend Lance who is very good with the ladies dispite his dorky look comes along. When they start to pull out of the drive way they see Felicia. Ian had forgoten that he promised Felicia that he would let her spend the night at his house for the weekend. He has had a huge crush on Felicia but she has a crush on Lance. Ian decided to take Felicia along with him and Lance but desided to tell her that they are going to knoxville to visit his grandmother who is in the hospital for "foot cancer". Along the way they meet several funny people my favorite being a smart ass amish man played by seth green. This is my favorite comedy and it is one of the funniest movies ever. I recomened this movie to anyone

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  1. Ok I apologize in advance, but I'm going to be very critical. Not to be mean but to give you some [hopefully] helpful hints to make your blog better so more people will see it. Feel free to tell me to go stick it, but I assume you started this blog so people would see it. Otherwise, you'd just save them as Word documents.
    First-you have a spell check (on top when creating a new post). And it's not just the spelling, but sentence structure, capitalization, and correct punctuation. Reviews are meant to seem professional, like the person reviewing knows a lot about, in your case, movies. Spelling and grammatical errors don't give off that vibe. Especially, when it's the movie's title (Like Terminator, you put "Terminater") It's like saying, "I don't care enough about the movie to spell it right". If you don't even know how to spell the movie title why would people want to hear/read what you think of it.
    Second- This isn't so much a reviews, as it is a recap. If you read some movie reviews online posted in magazines, you'll see what I'm saying. Reviews generally talk about the people's acting skills and the story line and plot holes, and there is always some things the reviewer didn't like about the movie. You basically just give another summary of the movie. Also, don't include information that doesn't have anything to do with the movie in the review, e.g. "This movie is one of my favorites. Partially due to the fact that the main female role(Felicia) looks just like a close friend of mine". While somewhat interesting, this doesn't tell anyone else that the movie was good or bad.
    Third- In your summary-esque review, you tell the people some spoilers. Mild ones, yes, but still, saying he tells Felicia they're going to go to Knoxville because his grandmother has foot cancer is a spoiler. And generally that's a no-no in reviews for movies, books, TV shows, etc.
    Fourth. Too short. Try to lengthen it up with information like what actor(ess) plays the character you're mention it. E.g. "Ian, who is played by Josh Zuckerman" or you could go the route of Ian (Josh Zuckerman), or Ian (Zuckerman), etc.

    I hope you continue review if you enjoy it, but I like to help people with things like this. You know, the whole "Those who can't do, teach" aspect.

    Oh P.S. maybe you could also try reviewing movies that aren't very popular. A lot of people have reviewed Sex Drive, 500 Days of Summer, Terminator, ect. Maybe try films that didn't get a lot of attention that you really liked.