Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Grade: A++

This movie is a great comedy and like sex drive the main female role looks like a friend of mine. It is about a guy who's girlfriend broke up with him on graduation day. He has a internet pen pal from germany that started as a way to help him pass german class named Mike. He becomes good friends with him until his friend Cooper makes him think that his pen pal is a petophile so when he gets a message saying that Mike is coming to america and wants to arrange a meeting. He tells him to keep his hands of his genitles and never come to amerrica. Mike blocks his e-mail. The next morning his little brother is reading his messages and says "I cant belive this german chick wants to hook up with you". It turns out that Mike in german is me~ka and is a common German girls name. He looks again at a picture of her and her cousin that she sent him and realizes that Mike's hot cousin is really Mike. She blocked his e-mail so with no other way to get in touch with her he desides to go to Berlin in search of her. Along they way though Europe it becomes very funny. This movie will make you laugh thoughout the hole film. I recomind this movie to anybody seeking laughs.

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