Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Grade: A++

This movie is a great comedy and like sex drive the main female role looks like a friend of mine. It is about a guy who's girlfriend broke up with him on graduation day. He has a internet pen pal from germany that started as a way to help him pass german class named Mike. He becomes good friends with him until his friend Cooper makes him think that his pen pal is a petophile so when he gets a message saying that Mike is coming to america and wants to arrange a meeting. He tells him to keep his hands of his genitles and never come to amerrica. Mike blocks his e-mail. The next morning his little brother is reading his messages and says "I cant belive this german chick wants to hook up with you". It turns out that Mike in german is me~ka and is a common German girls name. He looks again at a picture of her and her cousin that she sent him and realizes that Mike's hot cousin is really Mike. She blocked his e-mail so with no other way to get in touch with her he desides to go to Berlin in search of her. Along they way though Europe it becomes very funny. This movie will make you laugh thoughout the hole film. I recomind this movie to anybody seeking laughs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Drive

Grade: A++

This movie is one of my favorites. Partially due to the fact that the main female role(Felicia) looks just like a close friend of mine but that aside this is a very funny movie. It is about a 18 year old virgin(Ian) who meets a girl on the internet who is very hot and she wants him to drive his GTO(he lied its his brothers) to knoxville,TN to have sex with her. He disides to go of course. His friend Lance who is very good with the ladies dispite his dorky look comes along. When they start to pull out of the drive way they see Felicia. Ian had forgoten that he promised Felicia that he would let her spend the night at his house for the weekend. He has had a huge crush on Felicia but she has a crush on Lance. Ian decided to take Felicia along with him and Lance but desided to tell her that they are going to knoxville to visit his grandmother who is in the hospital for "foot cancer". Along the way they meet several funny people my favorite being a smart ass amish man played by seth green. This is my favorite comedy and it is one of the funniest movies ever. I recomened this movie to anyone

Cop Out

Grade: A-

At the beginning of this movie I thought is was going to be to stupid to possibly be funny but I was very wrong. I do not want to give a discription of this movie because the discription would proably think the same as I thought at first but I will tell you this. It is about 2 New York cops who are...well assholes and I heard somewhere that the movie was originaly titled "A Couple of Dicks". This movie is all humor. I recomend this to anybody.

Terminater Salvation

Grade: A

This is the 4th installment in the Terminater series and is the best by far. It starts out in 2003(a year before Judgment day) where a doctor working in cybornetics research convinces a death row inmate to donate his body to science. Then it cuts to John Conor in a battle around Los Angles. The machines send a nuke to destroy the base where John Conor is being attacked. John survives the explosion and makes his way to the headcouters of the resistance. At the site of the nuke the man who was on death row wakes up not remembering anything since his exicution. He makes his way to Los Angles and incounters two humans a teenage boy and a little kid that is mute. After hearing John Conor's daily radio broadcast all three diside to leave Los Angles in search of the resistance. I will not tell you anymore but it is an incredible movie and if you like post apocalyptic movies then this is the movie for you.

500 Days of Summer

Grade: D-

This is a story about a guy in his early 20s who is a deeply romantic person. He meets a girl(Summer) who is the exact oppisite. He fell in love with her and she falls for him slightly and fears this so she breaks it off. He goes into a deep depresion. The movie jumps from the 1st day to the 200th then to the 3rd then to the 85th. This constant jumping from different days is really annoying. It is a pretty funny movie and is deffinetly not a romantic movie. I liked it but not enough to watch again. If you think that this is your style then I say go for it but if you dont then fuck it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Grade: C+

This movie is pretty good. It is about a solider who is ship off to Afganistan leaving his wife and kids behind. While in Afganistan his chopper is shot down in enemy territory. His wife recieves word that he has died. Obviously she is in a deep depression. Then her husbands brother comes over to comfort her and the kids. A couple of months go by with the brother over almost daily then the phone rings and tells the wife that her husband is in fact alive. When the husband returns he suspects the wife of sleeping with his brother. They never did but he did kiss her. I have already said enough about this movie so I wont ruin it for you. This movie is a very good drama that I would recomend to anybody

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lord of War

Grade: B+

Yuri Orlov is a very successful gun runner. He realizes that gun running is his calling when he witnessed a russian mob hit in his neighborhood. He starts selling with his brother small time to local gangs and then moves his way up to international sales and it makes him alot of money. His brother becomes heavily addicted to cocaine so Yuri is forced to cut him out and becomes more succesful solo. He also manages to marrie his highschool crush who later becomes a model. He never talks about how he makes his money and she never asks. I would recomend this movie to most people but not all due to some scenes with a very small amount of gore.