Monday, March 29, 2010

The Count of Monte Cristo


This movie is my absoulute favorite. It is a story about a french sailor(Edmond Dantes) that is betrayed by his friends and sent to prison in the early 1800s. In prison he meets an old man who is trying to escape and asks for his help. In return for his help the man teaches him everything he knows reading, writing, mathmatics, pyisics, fighting, and about 5 different languages. Right before they are able to escape the hole that they were diging caves in and kills the old man. On the mans death bed he reveals to Edmond that he knows the location of the greatest treasure in the world. When Edmond finally escapes he sets out to find the treasure and once it is found on the island of Monte Cristo he changes his name to The Count of Monte Cristo and uses his vast fortune to get revenge on the one who betrayed him. This is an incredible movie that I would recomend to anybody anywhere

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